Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Protecting Scotland’s Natural Environment working with Business and stakeholders to the benefit of everyone

Project: Collaborating with Glenmorangie, Marine Scotland, West Coast Sea Produce Ltd and Scottish Government to ensure she’ll material is fit for purpose in building a marine Biofiltration infrastructure in Loch Ryan and the Dornoch Firth.

Scope:  Bringing all stakeholders together to ensure environmental compliance and transparent audit trail of shell material for deposition on the seabed to create a reef infrastructure to hold Biofiltration organisms in the form of Mussels and Native Oysters as a unique and growing ecosystem.

“UK Water Ltd brought all of the private and public stakeholders together to ensure environmental compliance was balanced with commercial and economic feasibility to gain a first in such a world leading Whisky production to Carbon Capture environmental capital project” – Alan Reid, SEPA