Retail and Wholesale Services

At UK Water we have a set of unique skills and experiences to help assist Retailers and Wholesalers with a variety of support services. We have been involved at key stakeholder levels during market opening in both Scotland and England giving us experience that our competitors cannot match.

Some of our services include:

  • Consultancy Support – Our people have assisted a number of businesses by proving experienced resources and key individuals to help support the development and operations of teams within Retail business. Our people have assisted in all varieties of roles including Senior Manager level and Project Management.

  • Business Development – As part of our offering, we can assist in developing new teams, capabilities and propositions for Water and Wastewater providers. Our experience can be invaluable in quickly assessing opportunity as well as designing process and procedures to deliver. We can also help create a robust supply chain and a strong leads and opportunities pipeline.

  • Business Plans – A key development requirement for any significant change and in line with Investment Cycles, we can assist in the creation and completion of feasibility studies, business cases and plans that may bring your business competitive advantages.

  • Gaps & Vacants – With high potential margins available, UK Water have experience in working on major Gap and Vacant projects in the UK bringing strong financial rewards to Retailers. We can help you assess and review each scheme for viability and develop the offering to allow you to gain these rewards.

  • Advice and Analysis – Due to UK Waters breadth of experience and key personal, we can assist you in market advice matters as well as any key data analysis required. Furthermore where required, we can also support in legal issues, dispute resolution and determination reviews.


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