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UK Water have an experienced team of professionals covering a wide array of specialities including Billing, Metering and Account Management right through to Energy Efficiency and Effluent Treatment.

Our Water Procurement services provided Business Customers with a bespoke process suited to their own specific needs in providing water and wastewater services in the UK. Undertaking a full technical tender exercise on behalf of our customers, we ensure that they receive a commercial offer suitable to those needs as well as providing additional benefits unforeseen by some customers. Our job is to make Water easy for you and let you have more time operating your own business. Our range of services and capabilities include:

  • Procurement services for Utilities – With established relationships with Retailers in the UK we can ensure that all options are assessed to meet your needs. We will make sure suitable SLA’s are agreed with the retailer as well as any commercial requirements such as payment terms and legal requirements.

  • Meter Reading & Billing – With our experience we can advise on the best options for meter reading and billing to suit you including frequency and method. We will provide you with advice on matters such as consolidated billing and Smart Metering (AMR) to ensure the solution matches your own internal requirements.

  • Wholesaler Interaction – We can also assist customers when dealing directly with Wholesalers. In some scenarios, direct communication and relationships can bring advantages, for example Water Efficiency Schemes or SUDS initiatives that may provide significant savings.

  • Trade Effluent Support – A long misunderstood area of the Water Market, Trade Effluent (TE) can be complex and time consuming. UK Water have a dedicated TE expert who can advise customers on all aspects of this sector including potential cost saving options such as Effluent Treatment and Chemical use.

  • Data Cleansing – A number of issues are caused by poor data in the market held by both Retailers and Customers. We can help both parties cleanse portfolios and check data for incorrect addresses, missing or duplicate sites as well as valuation errors.

  • Saving you Money – A number of innovative services are available from a desktop perspective to save you money, including historic reviews of your billing as well as ongoing bill validation. Verifying the services you have so you only pay what you have to can be a significant cost saving, as can “quick wins” such as challenging Sewerage Abatements, Surface Water bandings and of course making sure you have the right size of meter.

  • Innovative Solutions – Once you have a foundation established, we can assist you in ensuring you maximise any potential savings by changing the way you use Water. For example, we have significant experience in Water Efficiency and Alternative Water Sources. A full list of our Solutions can be found HERE


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