Water Mains & Sewer Replacement & Rehab Including CCTV

Like all assets, with the passing of time and use, both clean and waste water infrastructure will begin to deteriorate to the point of failure. Eventually small fractures will lead to bursts or sewer collapse which will severely impact your network. Depending on the nature and extent of the issue, this has the ability to bring a halt to your business in an instant. UK Water can assist you with a proactive approach to your critical asset maintenance. In an ideal world your business will have full network plans and an in-depth understanding of the current condition of your infrastructure with a planned maintenance regime.  We support this approach and it is certainly something we can provide by conducting CCTV surveys of your drainage and foul water and asset condition/topographical surveys of your clean water. However, we also appreciate that for many businesses the first time the internal water and waste network is considered as a perishable asset is at the point of critical failure. Our team will support you fully through any emergency by conducting repairs as quickly as possible and we can also arrange alternative water supplies to keep your business operational during a crisis.


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