Smart Metering / AMR, Sub Metering

The first step in reducing your water consumption is to fully understand your current usage and ensure that unexpected wastage is dealt with swiftly. Meters are often read by your licence provider as infrequently as once each year, between those visual reads there may be an underground burst that could unexpectedly cost your company thousands of pounds. To combat this we can install an industry leading data logger on your revenue meter, the device collects a meter reading every 15 minutes, 24/7,  this information is transmitted via gsm each day to our secure data hosting server where the information is then presented back to you in a user friendly portal for review and interrogation. For larger sites we can also install sub meters and additional AMR units to divide and apportion water usage to specific buildings or processes within your site. The units are aggregated on your data portal to allow full site monitoring. Our automated meter reading (AMR) service provides a number of benefits to your business and will help you stay in control of your consumption and avoid any nasty surprises when you receive your next water bill.


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