Glenmorangie DEEP Project

Part of the World’s largest luxury goods company LVMH, the DEEP project is multi-million-pound renewable energy development with World leading environmental credentials.

Project:  Develop Anaerobic Digestion Bioenergy facilities ADMBR technology and develop world’s first Marine Biofiltration Carbon Capture system.


  • Examine needs and match Technology available, bid, win, deliver AD Bioenergy plant.
  • Liaise with SEPA, Scottish Government, Marine Scotland and Scottish Water to build a shell reef populated with Bio-organisms in Native Oysters to Bio filtrate the water discharge turning it into carbon and building a living and expanding Biofiltration system.

“UK Water Ltd have been invaluable in Helping Glenmorangie achieve our decarbonisation agenda with collaboration and innovation across the spectrum of stakeholders in Scotland” – Dr Pete Nelson Glenmorangie”