Halewood Artisanal Spirits Ltd

UK’s Premier Artisanal Spirit Distillation company with Global Brand development such as Whitley Neil & Crabbies

Project: Audit all Water Utilities across a UK Wide site portfolio for compliance and accuracy. Propose actions arising from Audit work.


  • Collate and gather all Halewood site details and locations to identify the regional utility company.
  • Audit all bills against benchmarking tools and industry process knowledge.
  • Examine all invoices for accurate data and record and report all data inaccuracies for a national client report.
  • Negotiate a settlement for each utility and recover the payment return directly to the client.

“UK Water Ltd were professional and highly experienced in recovering hidden charges and data inaccuracy for our UK wide site portfolio. I would not hesitate to recommend them if you have complex multi-site utility billing” – CFO Halewood Artisanal Spirits.”